Meet the Author, Elizabeth Marshall


Entertainer, Speaker, Executive Coach, Sales Trainer, Author, Entrepreneur, and now 'Gigi' to her granddaughters. 

As a professional coach, speaker and sales trainer, she has guided numerous high performing executives and musicians through transitions in their professional and personal lives.  Her insights and encouragements, partnered with proven processes she has developed over the years, have led to increased professional productivity and expanded margin within their personal lives.  

Elizabeth has been on her own journey of self exploration for years - and has used her own life experiences to create a guidebook for readers to dive into a deeper understanding of themselves and what they truly want for their lives.  

She has enjoyed residency in multiple cultures and brings many diverse views to light in her writing.

Under the Surface: Who Am I... Really? is her first solo writing project. She wrote the book and created the Explorer video course as a tool for anyone needing a reset in their personal and professional life.  

Join the journey and connect with a vibrant community of exploration and personal discovery!

You might be wondering... what's the fascination with icebergs? 



Icebergs teach us a lot about seeing the whole picture


Icebergs are fascinating!  They are complex in design and structure. Beautiful and yet menacing. They can thrill adventure seekers and bring monstrous ships to their demise.  

An imbalance in an iceberg can actually cause it to FLIP! That's right. Icebergs can flip upside down and sideways when faced with an external imbalance, such as melting or an adventurer scaling the top surface.

When an iceberg flips, a beautiful event happens. The portion which has been hidden under the surface is exposed. It is a beautiful thing to witness. 

Imbalance can also cause us to "flip".  Just like the iceberg, though, our beauty and strength may be exposed during this event.  The Flip Your Berg Explorer Series will help you to check out what's Under the Surface in your life.

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